Senior Resources June 1, 2022

Senior Resources

One of the things I am able to do as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist is to connect my clients with the resources they need. Below are a few of the resources I recommend most often, if you are in need of additional resources that are not listed below, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Senior Living Communities: If you, or someone you know, are in the process of moving to a senior living community (independent living, assisted living, memory care), then I would highly recommend that you contact Dawn Michelle with Choice Connections of Virginia. She works closely with seniors and their adult children to identify the community that is right for them based on level of care needed, budget and personal preferences. In most cases Dawn’s fee is covered through an agreement with the community so it does not typically cost the family. To learn more about Choice Connections of VA visit their website at or email Dawn directly at

Estate Services: In most cases, my clients are in the process of downsizing their home as they make a move to live with adult children or in a senior living community. If this is a situation that you find yourself in – I highly recommend contacting Laura Kinsman with Williamsburg Estate Services. They will clear everything out of your home that you do not want to move with you or give to a family member and will sell it via their online auction. Whatever does not sell, they will donate to a local organization on your behalf. The best part is – you don’t have to do a thing! They will clear everything out of your home and will even clean the house once it is empty and ready to sell. You can reach Laura Kinsman at or at

In Home Care: For those in need of in home care before they are able to move in with adult children or into a senior living community, I recommend contacting Rebecca Andreson with Visiting Angels. They provide a wide variety of in home services and are very selective in the people they hire. You can reach Visiting Angels at (757) 599-4145 or at

Veterans Benefits:

 Pathway Financial Planning, Oscar Alvarez, (757) 595-4588

Estate Attorneys:

Carrell Blanton Ferris, Trey Parker (757) 273-8254

Wilson Law, Donna Wilson (866) 603-5976

Information on Dementia/Alzheimers:

National Institutes for Health (800)-438-4380

Alzheimers Association (800) 272-3900

Again, if I can assist you with finding the services you need, please email me at or call/text me at (757) 254-8047.